Forest Pillow Concert


Sunday, August 27th, 2017
11 A.M.
Beli Brezi Children Centre
Sofia, Vitosha Mountain Park


Among trees, flowers, grass and sweet forest creatures, the Pillow Concerts will warmly welcome for the third consecutive year little ones and their parents in the Beli Brezi Children Centre on the Vitosha Mountain with a Forest Pillow Concert. In the surrounding forest, we will enjoy the music of the Virtuosi Ensemble, whom our audience already knows and loves. Their impressive string instruments will this time sound with the help of a magical forest elf and a fairy, who will play on of the favourite instruments of all children – the violin.

The mountain silence will be broken also by the bigger instruments from the string family – viola, violoncello and double bass. We will hear music by Grieg, Tchaikovsky, Piazzolla and Vivaldi, but the pillows are guaranteed for only the first 200 little and grown-up guests, so your picnic blanket becomes the best accessory for the concert.

The Beli Brezi Children Centre is located on the road from Boyana neighbourhood to the Zlatni mostove locality, 1 km after the turn for the Kopitoto.