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Bach Pillow Concert


Sunday, April 5th, 2015
11:00 and 17:00
Union of the architects in Bulgaria
Sofia,11 Krakra Str.,



It is a well-known fact that Johann Sebastian Bach had the astonishing number of 20 children. A few of them also became famous composers but none achieved their father’s success. Johann Sebastian is considered to have written about 11,000 pieces but only a bit more than 1000 were preserved until today. They are a fine example of true compositional mastery and inspiring genius. The composer himself was an exquisite performer on the harpsichord, organ and violin. He wrote works for almost every instrument and there is practically no musician who went through his or her musical education without being acquainted with Bach’s oeuvres.

In the Bach Pillow Concert the music of the great composer will be heard performed on violin and guitar. The violinist Todor Nikolaev is arriving for this concert from London where he is a successful teacher and performer. He will be joined by guitarist Nadezhda Miteva in presenting a magical musical story about a little blackbird they have created together.



Family Ticket – 30 leva

At the concert:
Parent – 20 leva
Child – 5 leva
Max price for a family – 35 leva


Todor Nikolaev, violin
Nadezhda Miteva, guitar

Todor Nikolaev was born in Sofia. He graduated with distinction from the National School of Music “L. Pipkov” in Sofia and continued his education in the renowned Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, UK, where he earned Bachelor’s and Master of Music degrees in the violin classes of Prof. Yfrah Neaman and Prof. John Glickman. Todor is a prizewinner from various international violin competitions in the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria. He is a regular soloist of a number of chamber and symphony orchestras in the UK and Bulgaria and participates in various international music festivals for classical music and jazz. Along with his performing career, Todor is a violin teacher at the University of Southampton, University of Reading, Blackheath Conservatoire in London and St. Swithun’s School, Winchester. Part of Todor’s plans include a series of concerts dedicated to the music of Pink Floyd with a mixture of classical and electric instruments plus exciting multimedia.



Nadezhda Miteva was born in 1981 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2000, she graduated from the National School of Music “Liubomir Pipkov” studying classical guitar in the class of Stolina Dobreva. Later on, her development she was supervised by prof. Dimitar Doichinov and by prof. Panaiot Panaiotov. In 2011, she graduated from the Sofia University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Pedagogy. Nadezhda took part in numerous master classes and international festivals for classical guitar in Bulgaria. She won prizes in guitar competitions in Kyustendil and Sofia, both as a soloist and as a member of different ensembles.


Musical programme

Frederic Chopin

Johann Sebastian Bach

Inventions Nos. 1, 4, 8, 13
Musset in D Major
Menuet in G Major
Chaconne from Partita No. 2
Air on a G string
Ave Maria (arr. C. Gounod)
Bourree from Suite in e minor for lute
Prelude from Cello Suite No. 1
Largo from Violin Sonata No. 3
Andante from Violin Sonata No. 2

Robert Schumann

Traumerei from “Scenes from Childhood”

Johannes Brahms

Hungarian Dance No. 5

Program, April 5th, 2015

10:00 Pillow workshop – Free admission
11:00 Pillow concert – Tickets here

16:00 Pillow workshop – Free admission
17:00 Pillow concert – Tickets here


On Sunday, April 5th, one hour before each concert, there will be a Pillow Workshop where our little guests will be involved in arts and crafts together with the Creative team Onche Bonche. The admission for the Pillow workshop is free.

Brass Pillow Concert in Russe


Sunday, March 22th, 2015
11:00 and 17:00
March Music Days Festival,
Regional Museum of History, 3, Alexander Battenberg Square, Russe,



For the first time in its five-years-long history the Pillow Concert will visit one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria – Russe. The event is organized by the incredibly prestigious March Music Days festival and will be part of its newly-created musical programme for children. It wasn’t difficult to choose the musicians who would play for the Russe audience – the widely adored brass quintet, of course.

The programme will include popular opera excerpts, fiery Spanish rhythms and inspiring jazz compositions. All of our guests are invited to join us with maracas, castanets, small drums, tambourines and other percussion instruments available at home. If you can’t find any, do come along early to make one with the Onche Bonche creative team during the Pillow Workshop one hour before each concert. Immediately after the concert starts the Pillow Musical Lesson where we’ll talk about the instruments and will have prizes for the best participants.

Brass Pillow Concert in Ruse is carried out with the association of Ruse MunicipalityRuse Free Spirit City Municipal FoundationRousse Regional Museum of History, Foundation America for Bulgaria and March Music Days International Festival.

Pictures from the concert at 11:00

Pictures from the concert at 17:00


Yan Dunev, trumpet
Ivelin Kolev, trumpet
Mihail Mihailov, French horn
Yavor Kostov, trombone
Georgi Iliev, tuba



Musical programme

Zequinha de Abreu – Tico, tico
Lew Pollack – That’s a Plenty
Scott Joplin – The Entertainer
Aram Khachaturian – Sabre Dance
Georges Bizet – An excerpt from the opera “Carmen”
Fiesta de Candelaria
J. T. Dalmau – Amparito Roca
Manuel Penella – El Gato Montes
David Burndrett – Flamenco Fantastico
A. Buykanov – Traffic on the street

Program, March 22th, 2015

10:00 Pillow workshop
11:00 Pillow concert – Reservations here
12:00 Music Lesson

16:00 Pillow workshop
17:00 Pillow concert – Reservations here
18:00 Music Lesson


On Sunday, March 22th, one hour before each concert, there will be a Pillow Workshop where our little guests will be involved in arts and crafts together with the Creative team Onche Bonche.


March’s Family of the Month


Family Of the Month
“…you are here for almost five years which means that you do something beautiful.”


Dreaming about biking on some of the most beautiful streets and areas in Tuscany and in the picturesque mountains in Bulgaria, as well as practicing yoga, the life of our Family of the month is full of both adventure and harmony, also with the nature surrounding them. Yoana, Miroslav and the little Miriyanka agreed to meet us at a very special place – Veda House, where we almost felt as if we were sitting on pillows at one of our Pillow Concerts.

Didi to Miriyanka: How old are you?
Miriyana: Eight.
Yoana: She’s one year and eight months old.
Miroslav: Eight is her favourite number. It’s the answer to every question right now.
Yoana: And blue is her favourite colour.
Didi: How did you decide on her name?
Miroslav: It was difficult.
Yoana: Well, he’s Miroslav, my mother’s name is Mariana and we just did a mixture of both. Later, we discovered that it is a combination of our names – Miroslav and Yoana.
Miroslav: It wasn’t on purpose. We wanted it to be different, not like the rest. Miriyana sounded nice and more Bulgarian-like, too.
Yoana: I don’t think it’s a very Bulgarian name…
Miroslav: It’s Slavonic, it has a Bulgarian nuance.

Yoana and Miroslav met while working together on a new project. He is a programmist, she is a financial organiser. During our conversation, it was evident that working in a closed environment, like in an office, does not necessarily mean that you cannot be completely devoted to nature and everything that it has to offer. March marks the first anniversary of our Family of the month’s first visit to the Pillow Concerts. They have been devoted fans of ours ever since.

Didi: How did you find out about the Pillow Concerts?
Miroslav: My wife did.
Yoana: One of my friends liked your Facebook page – that’s how I found out about you initially. We really liked it and started going regularly. If we knew about it earlier, we would have started going even before that. She was 9-months old then. We take her to all kinds of events.
Didi: Do you remember your first concert?
Yoana: The Accordion Pillow Concert, almost an year ago.
Didi: Do you have a favourite one?
Yoana: I really liked the Magic Pillow Concert. Firstly, the music was really good – Miriyanka was very calm and listened very closely all of the time. Secondly, it was during the spring. The combination of these things has formed a very nice memory.
Miroslav: Personally, I don’t have a concert that I didn’t like. Maybe the Accordion Concert was my favourite.
Yoana: Maybe, it is because it was the first one.
Miroslav: Yes, and on top of that it was very interesting because the accordion is a very unusual musical instrument for classical music.
Didi: What is your favourite thing about the Pillow Concerts?
Yoana: The fact that we can go together with Miriyana.
Miroslav: Furthermore, we don’t sit on chairs and it’s a big open space, where you can leave the kid absorb everything in it’s own way. I am very impressed by the people that you invite to play on the concerts as well – they are not some random musicians, but famous people who come to play for all these children. I particularly remember the Italian guy with the harpsichord.
Didi: And what about our Membership programme? What do you think about it?
Yoana: I really like that we don’t have to worry about tickets – we just enter a code and we’re all set.
Miroslav: We weren’t really classical music fans before.
Yoana: Now, together with the little one, we are getting familiar with it. She really likes it. Miryana, tell them, what do you like to do with Daddy? What do you like to dance?
Miriyana: Mama say.
Yoana: You want Mommy to say?
Miroslav: We often dance a waltz. (Miriyana repeats “waltz”.) Actually, we started attending the concerts because of Miriyana. She just loves everything about music. Usually, whenever she hears music she immediately starts dancing. She always reacts to it and makes us sing.
Yoana: Yes, she always wants us to sing. Before she started talking, she used to make us a special sign that meant “sing, now”!
Miroslav: I don’t know how it all happened, although we used to sing to her a lot when she was a baby.
Yoana: I didn’t know many songs.
Miroslav: We even made some songs up. They are not really some lyrical masterpieces, though.
Yoana: She sometimes asks for a very particular song – like “Sing me a song about the potato”. I don’t know any songs about potatoes, so I make something up. Now I’m waiting for you to start the Pillows Singin again.

Yoana is very interested in our educational and entertainment projects at Modo and is planning to organise a Musical Birthday with us in the future. She also plans to enroll Miriyana and Miroslav in a piano lessons course. Miroslav, himself, says that he cannot wait for this to happen, as he has always wanted to learn how to play. Both of them have friends all around the world who have always wondered why people in Bulgaria don’t know how to play at least one musical instrument and the couple made a vow to change this.

Didi: Do you have a favourite musical instrument?
Yoana: I really love the double bass and I cannot wait for the Double bass concert. (the interview took place before the concert)
Miroslav: I used to want to play drums and guitar, but now I’ll start with the piano lessons together with Miriyanka.
Didi: If there is something that you would change about the Pillow Concerts, what would it be?
Yoana: Almost nothing, maybe I would just add more acting – especially when there are concerts with stories like the Christmas (i.e. Andersen) and the Babar ones or maybe the musicians can act. Kids do not watch the presentations. We also really like the idea of having an open space concert during the summer. We are hoping you’ll manage organizing one this year.
Didi: Do you have a favourite place?
Yoana: Yes, the Rodopi mountains.
Miroslav: But with the bikes.
Yoana: We like it even without the bikes, but with them it’s even better.

Our conversation ended with a promise for a tea party at Modo’s music house and wishes for all of our ideas to became true and to meet less оbstacles, envy and malice.

Yoana: But you are here for almost five years which means that you make something beautiful. Sweety, do you like the Pillow concerts?
Miriyana: I yaik.
Yoana: Do you want to go on the pillows?
Miriyana: yaik… go!

Interview by Didi Brankova, Pillow Concerts’ coordinator.
Photography by Minko Minev,