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Brass Pillow Concert in NDK


20.12.2015 (Sunday)
11:00 and 17:00
National Palace of culture, Hall 6
Bulgaria blvd. 1, Sofia



This December the famous Pillow Concerts will make a debut at the New Year Music Festival at the National Palace of Culture. The brass quintet with trumpeters Yan Dunev and Ivelin Kolev, together with Mihail Mihailov (French horn), Yavor Kostov (trombone) and Georgi Iliev (tuba) have prepared a fascinating programme with a selection of some of the most applauded pieces in their repertoire. The programme will include popular opera pieces, fiery Spanish rhythms and inspiring jazz compositions. All our guests are invited to join in with maracas, castanets, small drums, tambourines, and other percussion instruments available at home. It will not be the first concert in which our audience would play along with the musicians but this time it is highly unlikely that the brass quintet would be overpowered!

The traditional Pillow Workshop will precede each of the two concerts – at 10 a.m. and 16 p.m., respectively. Attendance is free of charge for our audience.



Parent – 20 lv,
Child – free


Yan Dunev, trumpet
Iliya Iliev, trumpet
Mihail Mihailov, French horn
Yavor Kostov, trombone
Georgi Iliev, tuba


Program, 20.12.2015

10:00 Pillow workshop
11:00 Pillow concert

16:00 Pillow workshop
17:00 Pillow concert