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Pillow concert with Windy in Russe


March 18th, 2018 (sunday)
11:00, 17:00
March Music Days Festival,
Regional Museum of history,
3, Alexander Battenberg Square, Russe


Dress up in your best costumes and masks for the upcoming Pillows Carnival! Known as the favourite classical event of both little ones and grown ups, the Pillow Concerts are visiting Russe for a fourth consecutive year upon the kind invitation by the March Music Day Festival. This time the programme is specially prepared for those of you who truly love the animal world. Our admirers will hear Sergei Prokofiev’s fairytale work Peter and the Wolf, as well as the impressive Carnival of the animals by French composer Camille Saint-Saëns. They will both be interpreted by the virtuosi from the Windy quintet. A kangaroo, a swan or an elephant? Find your favorite among the animals!

In case you are having trouble finding your mask, you can make one yourself in the Pillow Workshop as a souvenir from the event. In order to do so, you are invited to join us one hour before each concert. After the concert our admirers will be able to try out the wind instruments of the Windy quintet. Tickets for the event can be purchased at the Opera cash desk in Russe.

The Performers:


Petyo Kolev, flute
Asen Tzvetanov, oboe
Yavor Dobrev, clarinet
Tanya Staykova, bassoon
Mihail Mihaylov, French horn

Presenter: Irina Parvanova

​Musical Programme

Sergei Prokofiev
Peter and the Wolf

Camille Saint-Saëns
The Carnival of the Animals