About us

Project of the year 2013

The Pillow Concerts – the first family classical concerts in Bulgaria – were named Project of the Year 2013 during the annual ceremony of the Bulgarian National Radio and the Allegro Vivace programme. A huge thank you to our faithful audience for their compassion and support!

Eight years of history

The Pillow Concerts started their development eight years ago in Sofia. The small Modo gallery hosted the first enthusiastic families willing to listen to some chamber music in a non-conventional way – sitting on pillows. The event was so successful that soon after each concert programme had to presented two, even three times. Later on the small venue was replaced by a much larger hall where musicians from every corner of the world came to perform with a great pleasure and a lovely smile to their young admirers. Each concert presents a different musical instrument and a small society started to take shape. Its members cherish the comfort, warmth and positive energy in the athmosphere of the Pillow concerts.

Outside of Sofia

In June 2014, the Pillow Concerts made their debut outside of Sofia. Bourgas’ festival “Include the city” hosted this memorable event. During the upcoming years the Pillow Concerts have made frequent visits to Plovdiv, as well as in Burgas and Gabrovo.

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