Contemporary Pillow Concert

21.11 – 22.11.2015

21.11 and 22.11.2015 (Saturday and Sunday)
11:00 and 17:00

Central Military Club, Hall 1


Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and all the other venerable gentlemen of classical music have no place in this Contemporary Pillow Concert. The focus is on modern composers who often require the musicians to do strange things. For example, Steve Reich expects the performers not to play but to clap their hands. John Cage, on the other hand, requests that the piano be full of rubbers, screws and bolts. Apart from the unusual sounds we will hear, we will also listen to the silence with “a performer” from the audience, we will have music for a woodwind quintet, while the finale is reserved for the incredibly fun Typewriter Concerto by Leroy Anderson.

This season, the audience of every Pillow Concert is competing for the Most Original Costume Award. During the Contemporary Concert, little and grown-up classical music fans can dress up like robots, aliens, astronauts, and other modern characters that suit the musical programme.An hour before the concert, our guests are invited to visit the Pillow workshop which this time will be a musical one and everyone will be able to play on a secret instrument! All required materials (pillows included) will be provided.


Parent – 20 leva
Child – 5 leva
Max price for a family – 35 leva




Petyo Kolev, flute
Asen Tzvetanov, oboe
Mihail Mihaylov, French horn
Yavor Dobrev, clarinet
Tanya Staykova, bassoon
Nona Krincheva, piano

Musical programme

Geörgy Ligeti
Six Bagatelles for Woodwind Quintet (selection)
John Cage
Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano (selection)
Steve Reich
Clapping Music
Malcolm Arnold
Three Shanties
John Cage
Samuel Barber
Summer Music for Woodwind Quintet (selection)
Leroy Anderson
Typewriter Concerto

Program, 21.11 – 22. 11.2015

10:00 Pillow music workshop
11:00 Pillow concert – Tickets here

16:00 Pillow music workshop
17:00 Pillow concert – Tickets here