Fantasy Pillow Concert


Sunday, October 27th, 2019
11 a.m., 5 p.m.
Union of Architects
11, Krakra Street, Sofia


For ten years, the Pillow Concerts have attracted new fans to the fairytale world of classical music. The first and most beloved family music events take pride in the lack of age restrictions and proudly welcome even the youngest visitors, curious to look into the diversity and beauty that hides behind great art. In the first indoor concert of the new season, we will tell the exciting story of Clara and Robert Schumann, who combine family life (with eight children!), composing, performing and fulfilling participation in society. The reason for choosing the theme is the 200th anniversary of Clara’s birth – the most famous female composer of Romanticism, who left behind some amazing works in various genres.

True to their belief that music is best understood when performed in the best possible way, we pride ourselves on the fact that the musicians for the upcoming concert are among the most brilliant young talents of Bulgaria, and not only. The violinists in the piano quintet will rotate their places behind the first and second music stands, because Sancar Sapaev and Yana Zelenogorska prefer to abandon the hierarchy in their music-making and maintain the partnership principles they apply well enough in life off the stage. Stefania Yankova is the leader of the viola group in the BNR Symphony Orchestra, and in the Fantastic Pillow Concert she will alternate her role as a chamber musician with a solo performer. Atanas Krastev is the true star among cellists of his generation on the Bulgarian stage, and his concert schedule is so busy that it is a real miracle to welcome him among our musical pillows. The ruler of the grand piano – pianist Veneta Neynska – is well known to our audience as the creator, often presenter and active organizer of all Pillow Concerts.


VIP Family Ticket with a complimentary branded pillow – BGN 45.00
Family Ticket (two parents from the same family and up to five of their children) – BGN 35.00
One adult and two children – BGN 30.00
One adult and a child – BGN 25.00


The Performers:

Sancar Sapaev, violin
Yana Zelenogorska, violin
Stefania Yankova, viola
Atanas Krastev, violoncello
Veneta Neynska, piano