When is the next Pillow Concert?

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At what age should children be so that they are able to come to the Pillow Concerts?

We do not have any age restrictions for our concerts’ visitors. We would happily welcome newborn babies in strollers, cribs and slings as well as toddlers and their elder siblings. All little visitors are welcome – it is important for us that the whole family is together. You can bring grandparents, too.

What is the lenght of a Pillow Concert?

Our concerts are 50 minutes long without an intermission.

What are the ticket prices?

Max price for a family – 35 leva (the price includes admission for two parents and up to five children)

What happens during a Pillow Concert?

Before the concert
It is advisable to arrive 10-15 minutes before the beginning of the concert in order to buy your tickets according to your reservation. You will also receive a free programme for the concert. Apart from this all children receive a special musical sheet in the form of an eight note and several color pencils for drawing.
You can only enter the concert hall with shoe covers provided by us as the audience sits on pillows on the parquet. You can bring slippers or warm socks for your children if you don’t want to use shoe covers.
You are now ready to enter the concert hall. You have to choose a pillow and take the chosen seat. There is no seating plan in the concert hall. It is up to you whether you want to sit near the musicians or not.

During the concert
The musicians present their instruments after the concert opening. They also speak about the composer and the piece in an easy to understand and intriguing language. Parents play an important role – they listen carefully, applaude, don’t talk one to each other and clarify the words of the musicians to their children or encourage them to ask their questions. This is of an utmost importance not only for children who watch and copy adult behaviour but for the comfort of other parents and children as well as for the quality of the performance.
Children are free to draw, walk or dance in the concert hall.

After the concert
We give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the musical instruments with the help of the musicians. All pillows are to be returned to their places. The same applies for the color drawing pencils. You can keep the ready drawings or leave them at the exit of the concert hall.