Festive Pillow Concerts


Sunday, December 16th, 2012
Sunday, December 23rd, 2012 and Sunday, December 30th, 2012


Prisun juices treat children and parents to smiles and classical music in three consecutive December sundays.

Three sunday Festive Pillow Concerts will gather the smiles of the visitors in the newly opened Bulgaria Mall in Sofia. The concerts are a special Christmas gift for parents and their children from Prisun juices.

16.12.2012, 11:00
Veneta Neynska (piano), Yana Mihailova (flute) and Vessela Trichkova (harp)

More than 150 soft pillows, special drawing sheets and colour pencils will help make the listening to music more interesting and enjoyable. The Festive Pillow Concerts will include works for harp, flute and piano on December 16, marimba and drums on December 23 and two pianos on December 30. Seated comfortably on pillows, children can draw, dance, and even touch the musical instruments.


23.12.2012, 11:00
Martin Hafizi, Georgi Tsenov and Rado Kazasov

During the concerts all attending families will be able to participate in the initiative of Prisun juices to collect the biggest smile in the world. Photographers will capture those wishing to join the campaign “Give a smile to Bulgaria”, and their smiles will be displayed on the video screens at the mall.

Supporting Pillow Concerts is a part of the new philosophy of Prisun juices to present their friends with smiles and good mood.

The musical program is multifarious and will include works by Mozart, Donizetti, Bizet, Vivaldi, Bach, Brahms, Debussy, Dvorak, Rachmaninoff, Petko Staynov and Dobri Paliev.


30.12.2012, 11:00
Piano Duo “Yordanova – Kyurkchiev”
The fans of classical music will be able to enjoy all Festive Pillow Concerts, each one starting at 11:00 for free.

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