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Intriguing, diverse and impressive was this past season of the Pillow Concerts Membership Programme. Among the visiting soloists were the Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, the Windy Quintet, as well as some of the most acclaimed Bulgarian musicians abroad – violinists Greta Mutlu and Sancar Sapaev, percussionist Vassilena Serafimova, among others. Naturally, we sang along with the audience favourite singing couple – soprano Doroteya Doroteeva and baritone Alexander Mutafchiiski, and, as ever, our Artistic Director the pianist Veneta Neynska was the smiling presenter to all concerts. Together we witnessed a great number of children smiles while our young admirers danced, drew and had a bite of the delicious products by our partners from harmonica.

Unlike the previous couple of seasons, during the Pillow Concerts’ ninth season in Sofia tickets will again be available for separate concerts. However, all events will be part of our Membership Program, which comes with various discounts, gifts and a number of advantages.

The inaugural concert of the new season will be the Jazz Pillow Concert in the Mountain. After that, there is a surprise for our Pillow Concerts Club members. This time, you will be able to purchase a Membership Card at a discounted price for the four Pillow Concerts from the 2018/2019 concert season. The exact dates will be announced after September 15, 2018 but the concerts will take place in the months of October and December 2018, as well as January and April 2019. Apart from these four concerts, there will be a special VIP concert during the spring of 2019 only for Pillow Concerts Club members.


The Membership Program includes:

A membership card for all 4+1 Pillow Concerts from the 2018/2019 season (a special VIP concert only for club members is included)
→ The upcoming season’s programme in advance
Bring a friend – an additional family invite for one Pillow Concert
Special gifts and offers by our partners

Pillow Concerts Membership Program 2018/2019:

All concerts from the 2018/2019 Membership Programme will take place from 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the Union of Architects at 11, Krakra Street in Sofia.

STANDARD Membership Card for 4+1 Pillow Concerts
A Membership Card for two parents from the same family with their up to 5 children

    Early booking: BGN 89.00 (before September 15, 2018)
    Standard price: BGN 119.00 (after September 16, 2018)

MINI Membership Card for 4+1 Pillow Concerts
A Membership Card for a parent and a child
(doesn’t include an additional invite)

    Early booking: BGN 70.00 (before September 15, 2018)
    Standard price: BGN 95.00 (after September 16, 2018)


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