Partners & friends for Kids
“Detski dnevnik” is the section of the popular online news platform dedicated to parents. On it, you can find a lot of interesting information about the “Pillow concerts”. As the exclusive media partner of our concerts for kids and grownups, ”Detski dnevnik” will continue to cover the initiatives of Modo Bulgaria in season 2013/2014. Read and comment on

Kalinel Ltd
“Kalinel” has been supporting “Pillow concerts” by donating 150 pillows which have been accommodating kids and parents, allowing them to sit and comfortably listen to classical music. Besides our pillows, “Kalinel” makes cushions, bed pillows, mattress covers, mattress protectors and quilts. You can find the whole range of their products on

Healthy living
Healthy Living is one of the very first and biggest companies offering organic foods, drinks and healthy products to the Bulgarian organic market since 2009. The company has always been dedicated to promote the long term positive benefits of healthy living and everyday healthy lifestyle choices by importing a big, tasty and affordable organic portfolio with some of the favourite brands of organic and gluten free foods in Bulgaria – Rapunzel, Schnitzer, Andechser, Doves Farm, Huober, the crunchy and fabulous corn/potato gluten free snacks and chips Biosaurus and BOPS Organique, and many more. Besides having its best organic products offered in every organic shop, supermarket and gas station throughout the country, Healthy Living has the biggest portal website, contacting a webshop with organic products and a vast diversity of articles about healthy habits and tips, as well as vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and raw recipes –
The home coziness is in the hands of little family brand for 100% pure Bulgarian wool and cotton blankets. has more than 35 years of experience in the field so we are totally sure in their words when they say you’ll enjoy the comfort of their products for life.You can find the whole range of their products on

Eco Kids
Eco Kids Publishing House shall be part of the forthcoming Pillow Concert. You are welcome to meet them one hour before each concert. Here is what they shared with us before the event: “We shall be happy to present the Bulgarian children’s book series “Skateboard Town – Stories about the Good Deeds, Harmony and Smiles” – holder of 3 National Awards for Best Book of The Year “Magic Pearl” 2015, 2016, 2017, included in the “Children’s books from Bulgaria. Authors and Illustrators” Catalogue, representing abroad the best achievements of the Bulgarian contemporary literature for children, (issued by the National Book’s Center at the National Palace of Culure, 2016) and being loved by thousands of Bulgarian children.”

Babe Laboratorios
BABÉ Laboratories was founded in 1994 by two pharmacists with the goal to develop a simple and plain line of dermo-cosmetic products that would bring solutions to the basic skin conditions.
This Spanish company with headquarters in Valencia has its own R&D and innovation department as well as a Quality Department. Both work under the strict regulations and rigorous processes of the pharmaceutical industry, exceeding the demands of the cosmetic industry.
BABÉ products are coadjutants in dermatological treatments and are recommended by doctors and pharmacists, who value and trust our dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic formulas.
BABÉ respects the physiological balance and pH of the skin, contributing to the personal health and wellness.
You can find the whole range of their products on

Polina Dimitrova Jewelry
Polina Dimitrova begins her professional investigation of jewelry after taking classes at several jewelry schools in Barcelona. Since then, she has focused her work on mixing precious metals and alternative materials. Very often the beauty of a found object is the inspiration tо express her sensations in textures and colours. In her work, materials like polymer clay, resins and plastic in combination with silver are transformed into elegant forms. More information:

iPrint- Digital and offset printing
The digital printing house iPrint creates the special music sheets which our little visitors use for drawing. iPrint is also responsible for delivering the programs given to every parent before each “Pillow concert”. If you would like to make an unconventional gift to your family or to give a beautifully printed photo book – we recommend that you visit iPrint’s website–

Harmonica connects urban people with authentic food. Food that provides energy, keeps us strong and healthy all the while giving pleasure and bliss to the senses. It’s the love and care and responsibility that we put into our production and work.

TAT Creative
TAT Creative was established in 2013 by Maya Bocheva and Peter Mitev who is also co-founder of Chaos Group.
We have created a first of its kind educational and at the same time entertaining mobile app. We have also published printed books with sories from the same fairy-tale world.
The project named “Who lit the Moon?” have already won three international awards. It is part one from the series called “This and That”.
The name of the second part is “What is the name of this book?” and the latest installment so far is called “What time is it? – A handbook for Time”. In it the children not only get aquainted with the clock, but the whole concept of Time as well. It is all happening through a mixture of original games and tasks. Our goal is to make the learning as natural to children as any game.
Our readers can accuire a mug with images matching their favorite book. Various t-shirts with pictures from the stories are available too. There are also some handmade designer bags made by: Purple Flower.
Our goal is to create an educational multimedia project based on interactive fairy-tales, accessible on different platforms helping the children learn in their most natural way – with games. Our biggest success would be if it becomes a part of the voluntary school program. Visit us:

D’s handmade
D’s handmade – We offer designer clothes for little ladies and their moms. All clothes are handmade using mainly cotton fabrics. We also make family sets for important occasions – birthday parties and different celebrations. To make your dress complete, we offer handmade hair accessories and jewelery. Our clothes and accessories can be found at the Corridor store on 9, Ivan Asen II Street. Be original with D’s handmade.
Read more here: is a website for the (extra)ordinary traveller. Offering information about travel itineraries and events, it presents places of interest in Bulgaria and abroad, narrates stories and legends. The website has a travel forum where everyone can ask their travel related question and receive an answer by the numerous travel community. Interesting contemporary nomads and travel innovations are also part of the website. The major aim of the website is to present how travellling can change lives and make dreams come true. You can read more here: –