Partners & friends for Kids
“Detski dnevnik” is the section of the popular online news platform dedicated to parents. On it, you can find a lot of interesting information about the “Pillow concerts”. As the exclusive media partner of our concerts for kids and grownups, ”Detski dnevnik” will continue to cover the initiatives of Modo Bulgaria in season 2013/2014. Read and comment on

Kalinel Ltd
“Kalinel” has been supporting “Pillow concerts” by donating 150 pillows which have been accommodating kids and parents, allowing them to sit and comfortably listen to classical music. Besides our pillows, “Kalinel” makes cushions, bed pillows, mattress covers, mattress protectors and quilts. You can find the whole range of their products on

Babe Laboratorios
BABÉ Laboratories was founded in 1994 by two pharmacists with the goal to develop a simple and plain line of dermo-cosmetic products that would bring solutions to the basic skin conditions.
This Spanish company with headquarters in Valencia has its own R&D and innovation department as well as a Quality Department. Both work under the strict regulations and rigorous processes of the pharmaceutical industry, exceeding the demands of the cosmetic industry.
BABÉ products are coadjutants in dermatological treatments and are recommended by doctors and pharmacists, who value and trust our dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic formulas.
BABÉ respects the physiological balance and pH of the skin, contributing to the personal health and wellness.
You can find the whole range of their products on

iPrint- Digital and offset printing
The digital printing house iPrint creates the special music sheets which our little visitors use for drawing. iPrint is also responsible for delivering the programs given to every parent before each “Pillow concert”. If you would like to make an unconventional gift to your family or to give a beautifully printed photo book – we recommend that you visit iPrint’s website–

Harmonica connects urban people with authentic food. Food that provides energy, keeps us strong and healthy all the while giving pleasure and bliss to the senses. It’s the love and care and responsibility that we put into our production and work.

Theia’s Tahini
Hi! We are Tatyana and Teodor, co-founders of Theia’s Tahini. We are glad to meet you and we are very happy to present our products. What do we do? Tahini! The most delicious and healthy nut paste in the world. You will find the CLASSY types of sesame, peanuts and hazelnuts, as well as the modern tastes such as coconut, cashew and almond. Oh, we almost forgot! We will present our choco-tahini candies, all natural and super tasty. Come and meet us at the concerts! Visit us:

Amber Mattress
AMBER is a Bulgarian start-up developer known for its uniquely designed sleep system. Why focus on sleep? The reason is quite simple — everybody knows about the importance of working out & proper nutrition for the health, but few people acknowledge how crucial sleep is. One of the main reasons for exhaustion and fatigue, except for stress, is the uncomfortable matress. And here comes AMBER — the matress that cares.
One of the secret components is amber — as known as “a gift from the sun”, a natural resource produced by coniferous trees. Our company managed to capture the sun and seal it into the matress, creating pure magic. The amber’s properties reduce stress and tension in the body, have a calming effect, relieve pain in the neck, the back, the joints and the muscles.
Read more about AMBER here: is a website for the (extra)ordinary traveller. Offering information about travel itineraries and events, it presents places of interest in Bulgaria and abroad, narrates stories and legends. The website has a travel forum where everyone can ask their travel related question and receive an answer by the numerous travel community. Interesting contemporary nomads and travel innovations are also part of the website. The major aim of the website is to present how travellling can change lives and make dreams come true. You can read more here: –