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America for Bulgaria Foundation
„For us at America for Bulgaria Foundation, it is very important for each child, from an early age, to get access to high quality art, to get acquainted with classical music, jazz, ballet, opera. This early acquaintance usually grows into life-long friendship. It is the role of all of us – parents, teachers, educators, to encourage the children in their curiosity, to show them what is beautiful and valuable. They will make their own choices when they grow up, and these will be informed choices. We thank Veneta Neinska and her team for the persistence with which they fight for the cause. We also thank all of you, friends of the Pillow concerts that it is important for you to attend!“
America for Bulgaria Foundation

The support for Pillow concerts is provided by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. The statements and opinions expressed herein are solely those of Modo Bulgaria and do not necessarily reflect the views of the America for Bulgaria Foundation or its affiliates. for Kids
“Detski dnevnik” is the section of the popular online news platform dedicated to parents. On it, you can find a lot of interesting information about the “Pillow concerts”. As the exclusive media partner of our concerts for kids and grownups, ”Detski dnevnik” will continue to cover the initiatives of Modo Bulgaria in season 2013/2014. Read and comment on

Kalinel Ltd
“Kalinel” has been supporting “Pillow concerts” by donating 150 pillows which have been accommodating kids and parents, allowing them to sit and comfortably listen to classical music. Besides our pillows, “Kalinel” makes cushions, bed pillows, mattress covers, mattress protectors and quilts. You can find the whole range of their products on

iPrint- Digital and offset printing
The digital printing house iPrint creates the special music sheets which our little visitors use for drawing. iPrint is also responsible for delivering the programs given to every parent before each “Pillow concert”. If you would like to make an unconventional gift to your family or to give a beautifully printed photo book – we recommend that you visit iPrint’s website–

Tuti English kindergarten
Tuti English kindergarten offer care and professional teaching in English and Bulgarian as a second language for children between 2 and 7 years of age. They follow an established English system also covering the Bulgarian educational requirements. Their main goals are aimed at allowing children to grow and learn through appropriate games, educational programs and various artistic pursuits. You can visit their website for more information –

Party House
The beautiful costumes which turn our musicians into princes, princesses and other magnificent characters are delivered by Party House – a company which organizes events and rents carnival costumes. In their house, you can also find original Venetian costumes, especially crafted for the International Festival in Venice.

Harmonica connects urban people with authentic food. Food that provides energy, keeps us strong and healthy all the while giving pleasure and bliss to the senses. It’s the love and care and responsibility that we put into our production and work.

Thinx Store
Thinx Store is а retail store selling educational toys which help the children to develop various abilities including motor skills, color vision and spatial thinking. On and in Thinx store on 43 General Totleben Blvd in Sofia, you can find various types of toys divided in four main themes – speed and wheels, science and experiments, arts and crafts, and our personal favourite – sounds and music. Thinx Store is a partner of ours for the “Pillows Serenade” concert. We invite you to visit their stand on the 27th October from 9:30 to 18:30 at the Union of the Architects, 11 Krakra str., Sofia. is a new information site for parents! Since the date it was established – 1 June 2009 – the babies’ site has been entirely devoted to baby and child care and has been offering useful information and advice both to future and present parents.
Articles on the site are divided into categories that cover the stages of the child development starting from the pregnancy period. We pay special attention to family relations, mothers’ body care and spare time. Users’ questions and comments options have been envisaged too. The site also appreciates a large Facebook fan group that exceeds 86 000 users.
This site is and excellent place to take part in important parents’ themes and discussions of various aspects. Our team organizes contests every month and we give nice prices to our most active users every month. To learn more about pregnancy, maternity, family and also to participate in interesting events and contests – find us at is a video platform with entertaining and educational movies for children aged 2-12. Parents can make a separate profile for each of their kids according their age. Thus they define what and how long children are allowed to watch. The platform is available on all digital devices. Find more info about it: – is a website for the (extra)ordinary traveller. Offering information about travel itineraries and events, it presents places of interest in Bulgaria and abroad, narrates stories and legends. The website has a travel forum where everyone can ask their travel related question and receive an answer by the numerous travel community. Interesting contemporary nomads and travel innovations are also part of the website. The major aim of the website is to present how travellling can change lives and make dreams come true. You can read more here: –