February’s Family of the Month


Family Of the Month
“One Pillow Concert every day”


While we were at the Debussy Pillow Concert we were certain of two things – that Debussy was French and that the Pillow Concerts are addictive. Natali, Ilian and their little daughter Sofia have only been attending our events for a short time but they have been trying to start visiting us since last year. Lured by one of their acquaintances and a very good friend of ours – Ilina Ilinova, they have gone through the struggles of waking up on time and the unexpected cancellation of the first open-air Pillow Concert. However, our Family of February never stopped trying and they have attended almost all of our events this season.

Didi: What are actually Pillow Concerts for you?
Natali: In parts a great way to spend one of the weekend days and I hope they are something useful for the little one in the future.
Ilian: And also a way to introduce her to the classical music.
Natali: She is still very young, only an year and eight months, but I hope that while attending these concerts she will grow up accustomed to this kind of music.
Didi: Which one is the first concert that you managed to attend?
Natali: The Opera Pillow Concert.
Ilian: I think you can add opera elements in every music program.
Didi: It is logical to ask you, which one is your favorite Pillow Concert?
Natali: The Opera Pillow Concert – again. Maybe because it was our first one, and Sofia was very calm, she was actually hypnotized by the music. Well, in the beginning she was frustrated by all the people, but at the moment the music started and the performers begun to sing – she stood still, stared at them and that was it.
Ilian: I suppose this was so because there was both performance, and movement.
Natali: But today’s concert was fantastic as well, based on her reactions.
Didi: Which ones are your favorite instruments?
Ilian: I played as an amateur on piano and accordion, so I can say the piano is my favourite one.

Continuing our conversation surrounded by an improvised percussion concert (the children had the opportunity to play on every instrument used during the Debussy Pillow Concert) we learn that neither of the parents are engaged with music professionally, but are working in the field of IT. Asking them about where their interest in classical music comes from, we learn that the one to blame is the father, Ilian, who has been listening to various classical pieces for as long as he can remember.

Natali: Also at home we play classical music for Sofia. I know that generally it helps the children a lot – it has a great influence on them. And mostly because of the idea for her to get used to good music, because now we are all surrounded by all kind of ignorance and for me this is the way to save the little one. To build her better culture.
Ilian: And to get used to the social environment, too.
Didi: With music a person can fly to different places. Do you like travelling? Do you have a favorite country?
Ilian: Yes, Spain. And going back to the Opera Pillow Concert – Italy.
Natali: Actually, I really enjoy your idea each month to be about a different place.

Though Sofia is still too young to be engaged with music seriously but her parents are already getting acquainted with Modo’s different educational projects and cannot wait until their daughter is 3 years old, so they could become part of some of them.

Natali: The Pillow Concerts are the right way to create some kind of culture among the generations. I wish you to continue growing up and attracting more and more people. It is for the good of absolutely everyone to attend these events. Also, I wish you to have bigger and bigger full houses.
Ilian: I will be very short – one Pillow Concert every day!

Interview by Didi Brankova, Pillow Concerts’ coordinator.
Photography by Minko Minev, http://minkominev.com

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