January’s Family of the Month


Family Of the Month
“Children become smarter when studying music”


The Sarievi family is our family of the month of January. They are true cosmopolitans having lived in Iran, Germany and others but their calmness and poise don’t suggest the truly dynamic nature of their everyday lives. Margarita is a computer specialist and Manol works in the field of communication.

Kathy: Mom, can I have a piano on my birthday cake? And maybe a harp, too. A two-story cake would be best.
Kathy was born in Iran as at the time her parents worked at the Bulgarian Embassy over there. She plans having her birthday party this month at Modo’s music house and attends the Sunday Pillow School where she chose having lessons in piano and harp. During the school’s Christmas party she performed for the first time with her chamber trio.
Margarita: They did a real mini concert. What was the name of the trio?
Kathy: “FSR”.
Margarita and Didi, simultaniously: What doeas “FSR” mean?
Kathy: I won’t say for now.
Didi: Why is that?
Kathy: Ok, ok… “FSR” means no faulths, no squeeks, no rushing. The trio consists of me, Misho and Yana. Should I say who the name applied to?
Didi: Please, do.
Kathy: For me – no faults, for Yana – no squeeks, and for Misho – no rushing.

You can find the FSR trio’s picture in the December issue of the Pillow Concerts magazine. Kathy was a regular in our summer school, too. We asked Margarita to tell us how she found our music programmes.

Margarita: I was looking for summer music lessons for Katerina. She wanted it after having stopped playing the piano for about a year. She said she wants to start again with the music and I began searching. Modo offered the best conditions and we liked it the most. There is an all-round programme for everything, two instruments and the children receive a general knowledge about the music. This was very important for me, that they can acquire themselves with the music. All of the teachers from the school have the right attitude toward the kids, we like them all and nobody like to leave when the school is over. So, we sent her the first week, then for a second, then for a third. In the meantime, we heard about the concerts so we became regulars both at the concerts, and at the school.
Didi: Which one was the first concert you attended?
Margarita: We are still newbies. The first one was with the Street quartet. This concert was outdoors and we liked it very much despite the drama that was going on. (The agreed space we had suddenly became unavailable for the event but our guests took things in their hands and organized having the concert in the park nearby – Ed.) We were together with several friends that continued coming with us to the concerts. This said, we are now wondering who to give the invite that we have from the membership programme package. We’ll have to choose.
Didi: What to you like the most in the Pillow Concerts? Which one is your favourite?
Manol: The way the music programme is presented.
Margarita: I liked the most the Fiery Pillow Concert, Ivo’s violin – he was fantastic.
Kathy: I really liked it when we danced with you.
Didi: At the VIP concert?
Katy: Yes, the one with the competition. (There was a musical battle between the brass quintet and the Street quartet during the VIP Pillow Concert – Ed.)
Didi: True, it was great fun then. We should dance again! What advice can you give to us?
Margarita: To have Pillow Concerts for older children where children can play, too. I guess kids who’d come would have had music lessons already and can then take turns with the professionals.
Kathy: I agree, it would be nice if I can perform at the Pillow Concerts, too.
Margarita: I would like to wish you develop in the same way that you already do and to have many new projects. Children become smarter when studying music. Even at school, they do better and their concentration improves. Katerina, what would you like to say?
Kathy: I like everything!

Interview by Didi Brankova, Pillow Concerts’ coordinator.
Photography by Minko Minev, http://minkominev.com

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