November’s Family of the Month


Family Of the Month
“The music’s quality is very high”


November’s Family of the month are the first members of our Membership programme – Ilina Ilinova and her little boy Krum. Browsing through our picture archives, they could be seen in almost every concert in the past year. Ilina confirms they’re indeed among our most frequent guests: “[We’ve been] to many [concerts] and we don’t count them anymore… perhaps more than ten.” She says her favourite ones are those with the “brass quintet” but they also like programmes with rarer instruments:The concerts with harp, flute and marimba were very impressive. We’d like to see more of this in the future.”

Krum is only one year and eight months old but his mother has noticed he reacts actively every time there are wind or brass instruments. Perhaps he will soon not only be a listener! The first November concert will certainly be to his liking – on November 15 and 16 we will listen to the Brass quintet again in an all-Spanish programme.

Always interested in new ideas and proposals, we asked our Family of the month for some but Ilina was clear that she fully relies upon our judgment and also shared that:

“For me, the important thing at the Pillow concerts is the informal atmosphere. Kids can move freely around. In this way, they can truly feel the music as opposed to sitting in one place, which would most certainly annoy them. “

This year is saved for travelling the world. Ilina can hardly explain what this means to Krum but she has noticed that the information presented during the concerts allowes older children to completely absorb the music.

Krum is still very young but his mother is already following the announcements about our Pillow Music School. She hopes it is still running in the future when her son is old enough to attend. As a true fan of ours, Ilina does not limit herself with the school only:

“I was looking at the Musical birthdays at Modo, too. They sound very intriguing. I’ve read the programme, what and how is offered, so perhaps we will celebrate together as well.”

Since Ilina is the very first member of our Membership programme, we couldn’t exclude it from the conversation either. Given the fact the people are quite busy nowadays, having the year-long programme was extremely valuable to Ilina. Not only because she can plan her schedule better but also because they won’t miss out any of the Pillow concerts. While talking, some of Ilina’s friends passed by and it turned out she had invited them using one of the VIP tickets included in the Membership packet. They promised each other to meet again at the next concert.

At the end of our conversation, Ilina was kind enough to share the following:

“I’d like to assure you that the music performed and offered here is of a very high quality and professional level. The Pillow concerts are giving the opportunity for children to hear and appreciate good music and when it is performed live, it is even more impressive. Watching the reactions of my child and the children around me, I can really see how true this is. Everything is in the right direction, this is the reason we keep coming every time.”

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