Family of the month October 2015


Family of the month
“The world is full of magic…”


Modo: How old are you, Pressie?
Preslava: I’m ten, officially now. I celebrated my birthday at the Master Class and had a great time. Initially, I joined the harp class but then I moved to the piano. And at the end we even had some surprises.

Modo Bulgaria organised a two-week summer programme for advanced students at the Children Ecostation on the Vitosha Mountain. The Master Class is one of the many music education programmes of the cultural organisation. .

Modo: How did you learn about the Pillow Concerts?
Preslava: Katia told us.
Valia: Katia is our friend. Her child attends your Music School.
Modo: Which was the first Pillow Concert you attended?
Preslava: The Street Quartet concert in the summer. They played Mozart.
Valia: And since then we basically haven’t missed a concert.
Preslava: No, we did miss the one with the animals!
Valia: Okay, we missed one because we weren’t in Sofia at the time.
Modo: Which is your favourite concert?
Preslava: The first one is my favourite!
Valia: Yes, mine too. I love everything that the Street Quartet does; they are really amazing.
Modo: Which are your favourite instruments, Pressie?
Preslava: The violin and the piano.

Preslava starts talking enthusiastically about her violin lessons and her brand new violin which she has been playing on just recently .

Modo: Why classical music? How did you choose this particular activity for Preslava?
Preslava: Let me answer this! We had a carnival in school and one of my classmates played the violin; that’s how I decided to learn to play myself.
Valia: She used to sing at the Children’s Choir of the Bulgarian National Radio. She was still in pre-school back then. They liked her but she gave it up. She didn’t give up music, just the choir.
Preslava: No, I didn’t give up because of the choir but because of the solfeggio lessons. They were very tough with us there; here it’s different.
Modo: What kind of music do you normally listen to?
Valia: I like all kinds of music; maybe only jazz is something which I would rarely listen to. My favourite style is rhythm-and-blues.
Modo: During your childhood what kind of music you would listen to in your household?
Valia: I have an older brother; he used to be a metal fan. I only liked the ballads though.
Modo: What other concerts you go to?
(They answer simultaneously.)
Valia: We attend different concerts of the Radio Orchestra.
Preslava: We went to the Disney music concert and the Lord of the Rings concert in the Armeec Arena.
Valia: We’ve also been to the Christmas matinee and to many other concerts.
Modo: What is it that you like about the Pillow Concerts?
Preslava: The pillows, the fact that they explain everything very well and also that after the concert we can dig under the pillows with the other kids.
Valia: I like the liberating feeling. There are no strict rules, you’re not forbidden to move around.
Preslava: Mom and I quarrel a lot, all day long, but when we go to the pillow concerts, it all stops. Mom listens to the music; I listen too and there is peace.
Modo: If you had to organise a pillow concert, how would it look like?
Valia: It would be on a meadow, out in the open. I have no particular preference about the instruments – the more, the better.
Preslava: My concert would also be on a meadow; I would play solo violin and I would have magical powers that make all the other instruments play by themselves. No, maybe all the teachers I know would play some of the instruments.

At the end of our conversation, Preslava drifts away to the land where everything is possible. She wished that Modo creates a chain of music candy shops and music clothing shops, moves into its own castle and launch its own TV channel. And most importantly, she sees herself playing a leading role in the future music world. We’re listening to her, taking careful notes, so that we won’t miss anything important. Meanwhile, she’s convinced that everything would happen just like that and she is smiling the whole time.

Interview by Didi Brankova, Pillow Concerts’ coordinator.
Photography by Minko Minev,