October’s Family of the Month


Family Of the Month
“Yan is growing up with the Pillow Concerts”


During the VIP Pillow Concert on September 14th, 2014, kindly hosted by the Helikon bookstore, we talked with little Yan and his mother Jana who have been fans of ours since the very first Pillow Concert when our audience totaled just a few families. They said their favorite Pillow Concert is “one with a piano and a violin an year and a half ago at the Union of architects” but they were also impressed by another with marimba and various drums. They have visited “more than 6-7 concerts” and share their excitement with a smile:

“We are very happy they exist, in the last few months we were constantly checking when they’ll start again!”

Today, Yan wanted to spend more time with the tuba but is happy that at the end of the concert “the war” between the Brass quintet and Street quartet ended with friendship. “The piano and the violin”, admits our young guest with no hesitation answering the compulsory question about his favorite instrument. Jana would like to see other concerts with these two instruments and we are already working on fulfilling her wish. “One with violins, but we’ve recently discussed the guitars, too…”, she continues… It is now clear that this family has an accute interest in the string instruments. Would they enjoy the Harpsichord Pillow Concert coming up later this month?

Family friendships

Our conversation took place during the special lunch following the VIP Pillow Concert. The atmosphere was particularly friendly, with families meeting up and sharing common parenting values and views on life. Jana admitted she likes this kind of social experiences:

“It would be wonderful that you organize different events for the families attending the Pillow Concerts, apart from the concerts themselves but still connected to the music. Musicians could come and give us detailed information about their instruments when there is more time for the children to ask their questions. Kids always have more questions and time is never enough. We were not in Bulgaria for a while and missed some of the new additions like the Music Lessons. We would certainly like to visit that.”

Our brand new thematic pairing of the concerts each month based on georgraphy turned out perfectly in tune with Jana’s family:

“We have a project of our own. We choose a country and read about it for some time. After gathering enough information about it, a trip to it is organized. Currently, our focus is on The Netherlands. We search for everything – its history, geography, music, fun facts. So, your idea is truly great in our opinion!”

The little musician

Another logical question that comes to mind is whether Yan is to become a musician. He is only three years old but is regularly singing at home, can’t wait to grow up enough for the Pillow Music School, has interest in singing groups and has already started lessons at the Little Musician – Modo’s programme for young children. In October, Yan turns four and is celebrating his birthday at our music house. His mother expects “to have lots of fun with lots of music. Everywhere else we’ve been celebrating, music is never the main focus – we now expect just that.” We hope we’ll make our fantastic October’s Family of the Month truly happy!

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