Pillows Serenade


Sunday, October 27th, 2013
11:00 and 17:00
Union of the Architects in Bulgaria, 11 Krakra Str., Hall 2


„Pillows Serenade”, played on a guitar and piano, is our first concert with which we are going to open the new season of our traditional concerts for children and parents. The young musicians Marina Simeonova and Panayot Panayotov have prepared modern transcriptions for guitar and piano of some of the best operas by Mozart, Rossini, Bellini and Verdi. This time we are going to introduce our little guests to the combination of guitar with piano – the soft and gentle timbre of the first with the incredible potential of the latter. The music is going to be accompanied with pictures, describing scenes from the operas.

The pianist Marina Simeonova and the guitarist Panayot Panayotov are only 19 years old but they already have serious professional achievements. Marina has received scholarship from ‘Communitas Foundation’ and she is the founder of The “Small summer concerts” festival in Plovdiv. Panayot won the international competition for classical guitar “Acad. Marin Goleminov” for three consecutive years. “Pillows serenade” is one of the three projects which won Modo Bulgaria’s open call for new concepts for children’s concerts.

Ticket prices are:
Parent – 20 leva
Child – 5 leva
Max price for a family – 35 leva

The Artists


Panayot Panayotov has graduated from Plovdiv’s School for Music and Dance. He has played concerts as a soloist, in the guitar ensemble “Chitarra Camerata” and in Plovdiv Guitar Quartet, as well. He has taken part in a couple of masterclasses like Friedemann Wuttke’s in Germany and Armin Egger’s in Austria. Panaiot has won prizes in the international competition for classical guitar “Acad. Marin Goleminov” for three consecutive years.


Marina Simeonova has graduated from the National School of Music in Alexander Vasilenko’s piano class. Although only 19 years old, Marina has won a number of awards. She was a participant at the masterclasses of Prof. Michel Beroff, Prof. Natalia Trull, Prof. Chantal Stigliani. Marina was awarded the Second Audience Prize at the Final Gala Concert of Prof. John Perry’s Masterclass in Germany this August. She is the founder of the “Little summer concerts” Festival in Plovdiv.

Image Gallery


Оne hour before each concert, there will be a Pillow Workshop where our little guests will be involved in arts and crafts together with the Creative team Onche Bonche. The admission for the Pillow workshop is free.

Immediately after each concert, there will be a Music lesson where the children and the parents can learn fun facts about the serenade. The admission for the Music lesson is free.

“Многоликата серенада”
Детски дневник
24 октомври 2013

Романтичната представа за музикантите предполага известна разпиляност, хаос и безвремие в тяхната работа. Кой би предположил, че изпълнението на серенада е не просто емоционален поздрав към любимата, но е свързано с множество строги правила и порядки? Вечерта да е спокойна и приятна, изпълнението – навън, сред чист въздух, акомпанимента на китара, лютня или мандолина… и като че ли това не е достатъчно, началото трябва да е точно в 9 часа вечерта. Два часа по-късно по план започва друг “нощен” жанр, ноктюрното, така че графикът трябва да се спазва!

Прочетете цялата статия в Детски дневник.

“Виртуози на китарата, за които не всеки знае”
Детски дневник
17 октомври 2013

Мистериозният китарист
В началото на 19 век в Англия живее Д. Е. Нюск. Някои източници твърдят, че е немец, други – че е роден в Русия. Никой не знае пълното му име, спори се за точната му рождена дата. Нюск няма деца, съответно наследници, които да разбулят тайната около живота му.
Нюск оставя множество композиции за китара, чието високо качество кара съвременните музиколози да се разровят из мистерията около този автор. При достатъчно упорство и дълги часове, прекарани в английските архиви, се разбира, че пълното му име е Джон Ейбрахам Нюск…
Прочетете цялата статия в Детски дневник

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